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Daniela Landherr provides you with the inspiration, experience and skills to transform your culture and organization.


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Daniela offers inspiring keynotes providing insights on what makes up working culture. She uncovers research about what keeps talent and employees engaged, how psychological safety impacts team effectiveness, how failure drives innovation and how inclusive leadership drives cultural and organizational transformation.

Advisory & Coaching

Daniela serves on the board of multiple organizations and advises leaders on how to build engaged and high-performing teams. She unlocks and enables potential through coaching on cultural, organizational and digital transformation, employee engagement and inclusive leadership driving innovation in the digital age.


As a global leader in a multinational tech company, a lecturer in academia and board member, Daniela brings a unique skill set running transformative workshops, offering bespoke trainings for leaders and board members, bringing in her vast experience to help create engaged, innovative and high performing teams and organizations.

Every business is a people business. People from these institutions choose to work with Daniela:

InspireEmpower leaders to build a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone can grow and drive innovation.

Daniela Landherr

Daniela Landherr is passionate about catalyzing inclusive and engaging cultures of innovation in organizations. For this purpose she inspires and coaches leaders to develop themselves and multiply their impact in order to create a passionate and engaging work culture where employees feel included, co-create effectively and grow together in order to drive innovation. This leads organizations to a purposeful, meaningful and sustainable future.

Over the course of the past 20 years Daniela has been engaged in the fields of talent engagement, leadership development, cultural transformation, executive and leadership coaching, team effectiveness and psychological safety. She obtained a Master in Change from INSEAD and completed an Executive Leadership Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. During her 15 years at Google Daniela built and led several multinational teams and guided senior leaders to effectively transform their teams and organizations to maximize their potential in order to drive cutting-edge innovation.

In addition to her coaching and advisory engagements, Daniela lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich at the EMBA in Digital Leadership, coaches leaders pursuing the embaX at ETH and HSG, offers guest lectures at various universities, serves on several boards and delivers inspiring keynotes internationally.


In partnering with executives and senior leaders across leading national and international companies to help customers transform their businesses, Daniela acts as a catalyst for cultural transformation that drives innovation. Her inspirational and compassionate leadership style leaves a mark that inspires positive and sustainable change.

Christian SciulloCountry Director, CH/AT, Google Cloud

Daniela gave my students a profound and inspiring insight into the different facets of Inclusive Leadership. Her presentation impressed with a very good combination of theory and practice paired with a particularly motivating and committed professional appearance.

Manuel NappoHead of Institute for Digital Business, HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich

As one of the first hundred Google employees in Switzerland, Daniela Landherr is a digital pioneer from the very beginning. I hired her seven years ago as keynote speaker for our launch conference for Inspire 925 and was so enthusiastic about her presentation and insights that I immediately asked her to serve on the advisory board of Inspire 925 and later as lecturer for the EMBA of Digital Leadership at the HWZ University Switzerland. Her in-depth knowledge of talent management, innovation culture and inclusive leadership is an enormous addition; I am always impressed time and again!

Sunnie GroeneveldManaging Partner Inspire 925

Daniela Landherr is an excellent presenter. She knows how to cast a spell over the audience right from the start. She achieves this (a) through the exciting content, (b) through the concise, non-volatile explanations, and (c) her very engaging manner. Everyone in the audience can understand what it is all about, and they are given practical Google examples. I've always learned a lot and was able to implement some of it myself ... or at least try it out. Daniela Landherr is a win in every respect!

Charles DonkorPartner, PwC