Daniela Landherr as a Speaker

Inspiring your audience and leaving a mark.

Daniela Landherr knows how to inspire an audience. As an expert for inclusive culture and innovation, she is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences and company events.

How Working Culture Drives Innovation

Insights on what makes up Google’s working culture based on the 7 principles of innovation which help develop products, organizations and the business. Daniela uncovers research conducted at Google about what keeps Google employees engaged and what role leaders play building an equitable growth environment.

How Failure Impacts Innovation

We all fail. Daniela provides insights on why failure is not the opposite of success, and why persistence is not the only key ingredient to success. She elaborates how our response to failure creates patterns that not only impact our lives, but the entire work culture and the success of businesses.

How Psychological Safety Impacts Team Effectiveness

What makes an effective team? Daniela reveals insights about research conducted at Google over the course of two years and what role trust and psychological safety play in building effective teams that drive impact for the business and positively influence the company culture.

How Inclusive Leadership Drives Cultural Transformation

Being an inclusive leader takes courage. Daring to lead through crisis reveals patterns from our childhood that often define who we are as leaders today. Daniela shares learnings and insights on leading with curiosity and vulnerability to build engaged and strong trust environments.

How to Make Remote Work Work

Technology has become an important tool to augment the human experience. But we often forget that it’s not only technology that makes remote working work, it’s people. Daniela shares insights and learnings from 15 years of remote and hybrid work experience and how building a virtual culture is crucial.

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