Daniela Landherr as a Workshop Leader

Inspiring, educating and activating people.

In order to transform leadership and work cultures, Daniela delivers trainings and workshops for leaders based on preceding analysis and research, providing tools to develop people, teams and organizations.

Hiring: Culture Add or Culture Fit?

Hiring is one of the most important things we do. Daniela shares insights on how we make hiring decisions, how these decisions impact organizational culture and team effectiveness, and why understanding our own biases is a key skill to develop.

How Failure Impacts Innovation

Failure happens all around us. Daniela provides insights on why failure is not the opposite of success, and how understanding our own response to failure surfaces patterns which have a lasting impact on the evolution of the business and its success.

How Psychological Safety Impacts Team Effectiveness

What makes an effective team? Daniela reveals insights about research conducted at Google and what role trust and psychological safety play in building effective teams that drive impact for the business and positively influence the company culture.

How Inclusive Leadership Drives Cultural Transformation

Being an inclusive leader takes courage. Daring to lead through crisis reveals ingrained patterns that often define who we are as leaders. Daniela shares learnings and insights on leading with curiosity and vulnerability to cultivate engagement and psychological safety.

Making Remote Work Work

Technology is an important tool to augment the human experience. But we often forget that it’s not only technology that makes remote work work, it’s people who make remote culture work. Daniela shares learnings about building an engaging virtual culture.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment increases employee engagement by over 60%. And still, it is often a project that gets done on the side. Daniela shares how DEI in your organization will positively impact culture and business success.

Daniela Landherr as a Lecturer

Daniela is an avid public speaker and lecturer who is passionate about developing and empowering leaders. She offers insights and research conducted to build effective teams, engaging work cultures, inclusive and effective leadership and innovation. Underlining these focus areas with the fast pace of technology in the workplace, remote and hybrid work and agile co-creation, she provides powerful tools for leaders to catalyze their own development and create purposeful work environments that fuel innovation and meaningful impact.